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29 Aug, new 'Analysis & Commentary' article - 'The UK & Syria - Crowning Two Years Of Policy Failure With Another Error?'

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As of 12 June 2013, R3i Consulting is now a Limited Company.
To facilitate work with government organisations, R3i Consulting has become a Limited Company.
7 March, new 'Analysis & Commentary' article - 'The UK Government's Bias On Syria Is Remarkable'

29 January, interviewed by Radio France Internationale on the use of US Predator drones over Mali.  

17 December, new 'Analysis & Commentary' article - 'The West May Regret Taking Sides In Syria'

29 November, 
new 'Analysis & Commentary' article -'Developments In Syria?' 

27 November, new 'Analysis & Commentary' article -'Syria: Britain On A Slippery Slope?' 

15 November, new 
'Analysis & Commentary' article - 'Syria: Put Logic Before Emotion' 

22 October, Sky News uses a shorter version of the 
'Syria: Time To Remember Russia Is More Important Than Assad' article on it's web site. 

18 October, new 'Analysis & Commentary' article - 'Syria: Time To Remember Russia Is More Important Than Assad'

18 September, new 'Analysis & Commentary' article - 'The Attack On Camp Bastion'.

17 September, interviewed by Voice of Russia on the major international Naval exercise in the Gulf.

16 September, in Al-Arabiya report on Naval build up in Persian Gulf.

14 September, new 'Analysis & Commentary' article - 'Building Without A Firm Foundation: A Failure Of UK Policy In Syria'.

12 September, new Bronze, Silver, Gold assistance available for small charities and NGOs, see 'Services'

6 September, new 'Analysis & Commentary' article - Syria: No Fly Zone Realities'.
4 September, article 'Syria: The No Fly Zone Deception' published on Sky News website.

13 August, new 'Analysis & Commentary' article - 'Syria: A Fixation With Regime Change Is Unhelpful'

9 August, new 'Analysis & Commentary' article - 'Syria: A New Phase?'

6 August, new 'Analysis & Commentary' article - 'Syria: Perception v Reality'

Paul Smyth elsewhere:
Analysis on Libya given to Sky News, BBC TV News, Radio 5 Live, Radio 4, BBC World Service, Voiceof America, BBC Look East, Anglia News, BBC and independent local radio stations including LBC London.  
Articles published in the Daily Telegraph, The Times, Daily Express and Herald Scotland.  Quoted in the Guardian, Observer, Canada's National Post and Financial Post, Le Monde, and CNN.
Participated in panel analysis for Al Jazeera's Inside Story programme and for a Guardian Q&A blog.
Articles also published on the Royal United Services Institute.


Welcome to R3I Consulting, where the aim is to provide clients with 
Relevant, Reliable, Responsible and Insightful advice, analysis or research.

To learn more about R3I Consulting's ethos and approach to business please select the links above or to the left.

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R3I Consulting aims to facilitate your wisdom. In an era dominated by an explosion in both the availability and appetite for information, merely satisfying a thirst for knowledge may not result in either better actions or results. It may even complicate an already complex situation. 

Accumulating knowledge is a useful activity, but it should not be an end in itself. Too much information can be a hinderance to better decision-making, resulting in the classic problem of 'not seeing the wood for trees'. Knowledge may improve awareness, yet without understanding and good judgment subsequent decision-making may be flawed and consequent activity will fail to achieve its desired effect.

It is important to recognize that information, intelligence and knowledge are easiest to obtain with respect to the past and sometimes the present, but a crucial skill for decision-makers is being able to address the future. The past and present may cultivate experience and provide ‘lessons learned’ but tomorrow’s challenges require foresight, not hindsight.

Taking the correct steps today to achieve success tomorrow demands both a thorough understanding of the issue under consideration and good judgment. In short, it requires wisdom, so if you want to cope with complexity and make decisions that promote a desired effect - seek wisdom.

R3I Consulting does not claim or guarantee to give you wisdom. That would be irresponsible; but by providing advice, analysis or research that is Relevant, Reliable, Responsible and Insightful it aims to enhance your understanding and judgment so that wisdom, your wisdom, becomes a greater asset in dealing with complexity and the unknown.

Image: see gallery for credits. 

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